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Step 1: Accept Your Free Token

Click the link below by your inviter to accept your free token. This token activates your free account and grants you access to the system.

NOTE: Please make sure to watch the video in Step 2 before proceeding with anything else.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account

After accepting the token from your referrer (which covers your first 28 day cycle) you need to complete these TWO STEPS - But Only ONCE.

1. Deposit approx $125 into your coop wallet (full support + videos available for assistance). (various payment options exist within your back office - Credit/Debit Card - Crypto - PayPal

Step 3: Pay It Forward

Choose your (3) strategic partners carefully who will join you on this journey and invite them to accept a token from you. When you have 3 referrals you will be in profit and all future 28 day cycle subs are covered.


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  • Step 4: Book a One-To-One Zoom Call

    Schedule a call to get to know us and receive personalized guidance.

    We will answer any questions and provide tailored support for your journey.

    Step 6: Engage and Grow

    Stay engaged with the community and invite others to join.

    Grow your network and increase your residual income. 

    Join our Telegram Group. Please have your full name on your profile.

    Support and Resources

    Join our community forums and attend webinars for ongoing support.

    Get help, share experiences, and learn best practices.

    By following these steps, you’re on your way to achieving financial freedom. Welcome aboard! 🌟

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